For Teachers: DNA Barcoding in the Classroom

Date(s) - 1 Dec 2012
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Pueblo High School

Explore AZ’s DNA

Attention AZ High School Educators

Join Us for a DNA Barcoding Workshop for Teachers!

DNA Barcoding in the Classroom – December 1, 2012
Location – Pueblo High School
3500 S. 12th Avenue Tucson, AZ

Just as a unique pattern of bars in a universal product code (UPC) identifies each item for sale in a store, a DNA barcode is a DNA sequence that uniquely identifies animal or plant species. This simple premise led to a worldwide scientific initiative to use short, standard DNA sequences to classify all living species in the International Barcode of Life Project (iBoL) – and your students can participate in this effort.

This workshop offers interested teachers the opportunity to learn DNA barcoding from one of the experts who were involved in adopting the DNA barcoding protocol for use by high school students. Participants commit to an 8-hour training session to familiarize themselves hands-on with the laboratory procedure to isolate and amplify barcoding DNA from animals and plants, submit it to DNA sequencing and learn how to analyze the DNA sequences.
Student research teams can use DNA barcoding to explore biodiversity in urban, rural and natural environments such as:

  • Sampling biodiversity in a park, wash, garden, office or school.
  • Checking for invasive plant or animal species.
  • Monitoring animal movements or migrations.
  • Identifying exotic or endangered food products in stores.
  • Detecting food or product fraud.

Glimpse the excitement of a student DNA Barcoding project elsewhere through the videos at

Let’s go and barcode Arizona!”

Presented by the University of Arizona’s BIO5 Institute with support from the Arizona Department of Education.

Objective – Train in the DNA Barcoding laboratory and analysis routines, and develop lesson plans.

8:00  AM −     8:15 AM     Welcome, Logistics
8:15  AM −     8:45 AM      DNA Barcoding Lab I (DNA isolation)
8:45  AM −    9:00 AM     Mini-seminar: DNA Barcoding
9:00 AM − 10:00 AM      DNA Barcoding Lab II (DNA isolation continuation)
10:00 AM − 10:15 AM     Break
10:15 AM − 11:00 AM      DNA Barcoding Lab III (Prep & start PCR)
11:00 AM − 12:00 PM     DNA Sequencing
12:00 PM −  12:30 PM     Lunch
12:30 PM  −    1:30 PM     DNA Barcoding (Electrophoresis & Shipping)
1:30 PM  −    2:30 PM      DNA Barcoding (Data Analysis in DNA Subway))
2:30 PM −    2:45 PM      Break
2:45 PM −   3:00 PM      Mini-seminar: Lesson Plan Development
3:00 PM −   4:00 PM     Develop lesson plan
4:00 PM −   5:00 PM     Share lesson plan
Cost for the workshop – $115.00.

This amount includes expenses for instruction, supplies, and DNA sequencing as well as continental breakfast and lunch. (A minimum of 15 participants must sign up.)  – click on Events.

Deadline – Monday, November 5. Registration costs are non-refundable.


Questions? – 602-364-1364
Professional Development – 8 hours


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