Great Green Business Search @ SkySong

Date(s) - 10 May 2012
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

ASU SkySong

Thu, May 10, 2012
9am – 3pm

1475 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale AZ 85257


The Green Chamber of Greater Phoenix Great Green Business Search is a signature event designed to help overcome some of the traditional challenges Arizona clean tech startups have faced as well as change the image of the state as a “desert for innovation.”
The event includes a fast pitch business competition with some of  our greenest BIO companies.

For the green companies, here’s the group that will be presenting May 10 at SkySong.

Algal Micro Farms Ltd.: Phoenix-based company focused on small ways to grow algae for various uses.

Arbsource LLC: Scottsdale-based company that is using a spinout of Arizona State University uses green BIO  technology to help food processors treat their wastewater.

• PowerVerde Inc.: Phoenix-based company that uses a motor to generate electricity via geothermal sources or using waste heat from various residential or business operations.

• Eco Aluminum Pallets: Scottsdale-based company that develops pallets for various industries that are made out of recycled aluminum rather than wood.

• PinfoB LLC: Tempe-based company that works as a way to monetize consumers’ online information. Its sustainable approach is to help direct mailers better target their products and reduce waste.

• Precision Shade: Phoenix-based business aimed at providing architectural elements to help lower energy costs.

reNature Inc.: Scottsdale-based company that is aiming to reduce landfill waste through a bioreactor technology aimed at creating natural fertilizer.

• Ride & Bike: Bike-sharing company that sets up kiosks where people can rent a bike, ride it and return in instead of using their vehicles.

• Solar Pool Technologies Inc.: Phoenix-based developer of a solar-powered pool skimmer.

• Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Flagstaff-based company that aims to give better packaging alternatives for the beverage industry.

VermiSoks LLC: Phoenix-based company that develops tubes of soil that can help grow plants and food with little waste of water and nutrients.

Helius Illumination: Scottsdale-based manufacturer that specializes in commercial lighting with light-emitting diodes.

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