Is it Time to be Anti-Antimicrobials?

Date(s) - 19 Apr 2014
1:45 PM - 2:15 PM

Arizona Science Center



Bio Buzz Family-Friendly Presentation

Saturday, Apr. 19, 2014


FREE with General Admission

Daniel Cracchiolo Stage, Arizona Science Center Level 1

Best for Elementary – middle school kids and their families

Is it Time to be Anti-Antimicrobials?

Speaker: Hansa Y. Done, Biological Design PhD Student, Center for Environmental Security, Supervisor:  Rolf Halden PhD, Security and Systems Defense Initiatiative, The BioDesign Institute, Arizona State University

Details:  Antimicrobials are part of our daily lives, from the liquid soap that we use to the toothpaste in our bathroom. But do they really work as advertised? Perhaps it’s time to reexamine our chemical-laden society and become anti-antimicrobials instead.

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