Science Café: Healing in the Nano City

Date(s) - 17 May 2013
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Arizona Science Center

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In Phoenix and across the US, the health system is in a good position to address a variety of health issues in many populations, treating everything from genetic diseases to chronic behavioral disease. And, with health care technology expanding rapidly, our ability to detect, treat and prevent health issues is increasing to match.

Technology and innovation in health care often brings increases in costs, however, and so this science café will explore how diverse sets of knowledge and skills can be best brought to bear on the changing face of health care for the Nano City. It will pay particular attention to equity and equality in the distribution of health care services that may be enabled by future technologies.

In a typical Science Café each speaker has fifteen minutes and then the floor is open for questions and discussions with the audience.

Questions to Explore

  • How might we treat genetic disease in the future?
  • How will different knowledge sets contribute to addressing diseases in the future?
  • Are new pathways of disease detection, via novel imaging technology or genetics, assisting in our understanding of illnesses?
  • How will people respond to these new ways of understanding and treating disease?
  • How will we ensure equitable distribution of nanotechnology enabled health care services?


Dr. Anna Barker recently joined Arizona State University to plan and direct efforts in transformative knowledge networks – specifically directed toward addressing major problems in healthcare. The Transformative Healthcare Networks initiative (THN) will serve as a foundation for the development of new research models to better prevent and treat acute and chronic diseases. Prior to joining ASU, Dr. Barker served as the Deputy Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and as Deputy Director for Strategic Scientific Initiatives.

Denise P. Meridith is CEO and President of Denise Meridith Consultants, Inc. Meridith has been very interested and involved in improving access to healthcare for people throughout the Valley.  She has worked with several healthcare related companies and non-profits and provided consulting services for Healthcare Success Strategies and the People of Color Network, among others.