The Tucson Symposium: Sponsored By Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Date(s) - 27 Mar 2012 until 28 Mar 2012
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Westward Look Resort, Tucson, AZ

The Tucson Symposium 

Sponsored by Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

Empowering | Cancer research


The Tucson Symposium is an annual event sponsored by Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. that draws scientific collaborators from around the world to drive advancements in pathology and oncology that improve patient care. Participants include key research scientists, academics, oncologists, and pathologists who come to debate new findings, discuss evolving theories, and learn about new outcomes in patient treatments that will significantly impact medical practice. The blend of participant backgrounds and the scientific focus of the meeting make the Tucson Symposium truly unique.

Who should attend

  • Thought leaders who look forward to sharing new ideas and science that will move medical practice forward
  • Pathologists who strive to keep their practices on the leading edge of technology and knowledge
  • Oncologists and Pathologists interested in the newest proposed therapies and the latest diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive medical findings
  • Research and Academic Scientists interested in scientific partnerships who are leading the efforts in scientific discovery and are ready to share and discuss new findings and evolving theories
  • Scientific colleagues eager to use the information presented in general sessions
  • Strategic and scientific management
  • Hot Topics in 2012
  • Key steps in the progress toward personalized healthcare
  • New biomarker development
  • The current and future landscape of GI cancer patients
  • The latest developments in cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • The newest innovations and technologies in cancer research and medicine that will change patient care


For more information and to register before the registration deadline of March 1, 2012

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