A Different Point of View…Maximizing Your Company’s Value

Date(s) - 10 Sep 2013
7:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Snell & Wilmer

A Different Point of View…

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“Maximizing Your Company’s Value”

Thousands of business owners and managers have found this seminar to be invaluable in positioning their business to realize its greatest value.  “Maximizing Your Company’s Value” will help you identify your options and avoid being taken advantage of when negotiating with experienced buyers, lenders, or investors.

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E3*D – Entrepreneurial Empowerment through Education with Direction to using the proper professional properly.Date:
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Registration – 7:30 AM
Program: 8:00 – Noon
Snell & Wilmer
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Eventually all business owners are faced with the same issues concerning financial positioning, investing, and borrowing techniques.

Unfortunately, most business owners deny themselves the best return on their investment by poorly preparing and presenting their company to potential investors, lenders, or buyers.  You will profit from this seminar by learning what steps to take now to maximize the value of your most significant asset – your business.  Discover the important truths most business owners fail to understand, leaving them vulnerable to making mistakes.

It’s not as simple as you might think.   It can be extremely costly if you don’t thoroughly understand the process.  Price is only one factor in the sale of your business.  You have other matters that deserve consideration.  This seminar will help you develop a practical strategy for evaluating your options, equalizing the playing field and maximizing the value of your business.


Uncover the full value of your business

  • Create the proper presentation of your business.
  • Organize an effective team of professional advisors to achieve the greatest return and to protect your interests.
  • Combine real assets with “off balance sheet” assets to increase value.
  • Neutralize the unfair advantage of negotiating with experienced business buyers.
  • Know when is the right time to “exit”.
  • Tell whether the prospective buyer or investor is qualified to buy your business.
  • Take advantage of tax savings.


  • How do you “find the dollars” in your business that will make it appealing for lenders, investors, or buyers?
  • What options are available to you: ESOP? Going Public? Merger? Sale? Strategic Alliance? Raising Capital? Borrowing?
  • What do you need to know going into negotiations?
  • Who can help you and what you should expect from your advisors, attorney, CPA, etc.?
  • How will you determine who is the best partner, lender, buyer, etc. for your business?
  • What should you sell? Why should you sell? At what price should you sell?
  • What are the keys are to structuring terms? What is involved in the selling process?


Frank X. Helstab – Founding Partner, The Institute for Corporate Development

Frank X. Helstab

Since 1979, Frank Helstab has consulted in a wide range of industries as a business analyst and negotiator for both national and international merger and acquisition firms. He has also acted as a marketing/financial consultant for financial, real estate and insurance firms. Mr. Helstab created third party and captive marketing approaches for real estate syndications, and was co-founder of a major financial planning corporation. Mr. Helstab has spoken to thousands of top management and middle management professionals in the Fortune 1000 companies. He has appeared as a guest speaker on financial network television programs, acted as a professional authority on radio talk shows, and has spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs on the topics of mergers/acquisitions, and maximizing corporate value.

Brian J. Burt

Brian Burt

Brian Burt advises entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies in all stages of development, from formation to liquidity. He also represents banks, financial services companies, private investors, and venture capital funds.  He has extensive experience in corporate organization, reorganization and governance; private equity and debt financing; shareholder/owner relations, buyouts and disputes; employment and consulting agreements; employee incentive programs; general contract negotiation; supplier/manufacturing agreements; securities regulation; technology transfer and licensing; joint ventures and strategic alliances; fund formation; cloud computing; corporate asset protection and succession planning; and mergers and acquisitions.  Learn more



Business owners or key decision makers of closely held businesses with sales between $3 million and $500 million who are:

  • Considering or are engaged in any buying, selling or financing transaction.
  • Interested in learning how to properly present their business relative to those transactions.
  • Interested in learning how to “use the proper professional properly” to maximize and protect their return on their business.
  • In need of additional capital to fund growth.
  • Considering options for cashing in on their investment.
  • Ready to turn their business over to successor family members.
  • Considering a tempting offer from an investor, competitor, or potential buyer.



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AZBio Members:  $50 ; Non Members: $75

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AZBio Members:  $75; Non Members: $100